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Prof.dr. Naomi Ellemers

Distinguished university professor


Current Ph.D. students

  • Nick Wuestenenk, Ethnic diversity, norms and networks. (Started September 2019)
  • Elena Bacchini, The threat and challenge of a changing society. (Started September 2019)
  • Loet Stekelenburg, Psychologie van de Sanctie. (Started June 2019)
  • Jeanette van der Lee, Why companies comply: Stimulating compliance with the law by enhancing employees’ knowledge, ability, and motivation. (Started June 2019)
  • Esmee Veenstra, Connecting Organizational Stakeholders: Corporate Values and Business Practices. (Started January 2019)
  • Kasper Otten, NWO/SCOOP (Started, September 2018)
  • Ewout Hasken, NWO/SCOOP (Started, September 2018)
  • Piet Groot, Integration of newcomers in the labor market, (Started, April 2018)
  • Miriam Hoffmann-Harnisch, Gender categorization and identification, (Started September 2017)
  • Onur Sahin, Effectiveness of diversity measures, (Started July 2017)
  • Tessa Coffeng, Correcting for bias in supervision. (Started September 2016). Co-sponsored by AFM.
  • Inga Rösler, Attending to moral criticism of ingroup and outgroup members. (Started October 2016)
  • Rosabelle Illes, De-escalation of value conflict: Justice and interventions (Started: September 2012)

Ph.D.'s Completed

  • Edona Maloku – Berdyna, Identity complexity: Developing a Kosovar identity (Completed May 25, 2021)
  • Melissa Vink, Women who work and men who care: Toward a two-sided approach of achieving gender equality (Completed November 18, 2020),  SCOOP PhD
  • Tatiana Chopova. Coping with morality in high status groups: The case of financial service professionals, (Completed November 11, 2020)
  • Wieke Scholten, Banking on team ethics: A team climate perspective on misconduct in financial services (Completed: March 29, 2017)
  • Marlon Mooijman, Just deserts and behavioural control as determinants of punishing norm violations (Completed: June 14, 2016).
  • Charlotte Koot, Making up your mind about a complex technology: An investigation into factors that help or hinder the achievement of cognitive closure about CCS (Completed: January 21, 2015).
  • Dagmar Beudeker (Leiden University), On regulatory focus and performance in organizational environments (Completed: January 15, 2015).
    Current employment: HR Business Partner, TNO Knowledge Institute
  • Said Shafa (Leiden University), In the eye of others: The role of honor-concerns in explaining and preventing insult-elicited aggression (Completed: June 26, 2014).
    Current employment: Postdoc researcher, Leiden University
  • Gerdien de Vries-Engel (Leiden University), Pitfalls in the communication about CO2 capture and storage. (Completed: June 18, 2014).
    Current employment: Student coach, Hogeschool Inholland
  • Félice van Nunspeet (Leiden University), Neural correlates of the motivation to be moral (Completed: May 27, 2014).
    Current employment: Postdoc researcher, Leiden University
  • Ruth Rexwinkel, Justice concerns and resolution of value conflicts (Started: June 2010; resigned, May 2012).
    Current employment: Researcher/data scientist, Winkle BV
  • Romy van der Lee (Leiden University), Morality, competence, and motivation in group contexts (Completed: June 13, 2013).
    Current employment: Postdoc researcher, Leiden University
  • Serena Does (Leiden University), Turning threat into challenge: Improving majority group members’ acceptance of minorities by focusing on morality gains (Completed: May 14, 2013). American Psychological Association Dissertation Award 2013 of the (division 9) for research on the ‘psychological study of social issues’.
    Current employment: Postdoc researcher, University of California at Los Angeles
  • Maarten Zaal (Leiden University), Collective action: A regulatory focus perspective. (Completed: Februari 16, 2012).
    Current employment: Postdoc researcher (Marie-Curie Fellow), University of Exeter (UK)
  • Dennis Bleeker (Leiden University), Representing or defecting? The pursuit of individual upward mobility in low status groups (Completed: June, 2010).
    Current employment: Teacher/Researcher, The Hague University of Applied Sciences
  • Emma ter Mors (Leiden University), Dealing with information about complex issues: The role of stakeholder identity (Completed: June 2009).
    Current employment: Senior researcher, Leiden University
  • Bart Terwel (Leiden University), Origins and consequences of public trust: Toward an understanding of public acceptance of carbon dioxide capture and storage, (Completed: May 2009).
    Current employment: Senior researcher, Leiden University
  • Katherine Stroebe (Leiden University), Is this about me? Responding to subtle discrimination – beyond an individual versus group perspective (Completed: March, 2009).
    Current employment: Associate Professor, University of Groningen
  • Edwin Boezeman (Leiden University), Managing the volunteer organization: Strategies to recruit, content, and retain volunteers (Completed: February, 2009).
    Current employment: Researcher, Academic Medical Center; Assistant Professor, Leiden University
  • Krispijn Faddegon (Leiden University), Regulatory focus in group contexts (Completed: January, 2009).
    Current employment: Senior Researcher, Hogeschool van Amsterdam
  • Sezgin Cihangir (Leiden University), The dark side of subtle discrimination: How targets respond to different forms of discrimination. (Completed: June 2008).
    Current employment: Researcher and Policy Consultant, Dutch Hospital Data
  • Elianne van Steenbergen (Leiden University), Work-family facilitation: A positive psychological perspective on role combination (Completed: November, 2007).
    Current employment: Assistant Professor, University of Utrecht
  • Belle Derks (Leiden University), Social identity threat and performance motivation, (Completed: February 2007). American Psychological Association Dissertation Award 2007 of the (division 9) for research on the ‘psychological study of social issues’.
    Current employment: Full Professor, University of Utrecht
  • Tomas Ståhl (Leiden University), Determinants of fairness- based versus favorability-based reactions to authorities’ decisions (Completed: June, 2006).
    Current employment: Assistant Professor, University of Chicago
  • Floor Rink (Leiden University), Diversity and small group decision making (Completed: November 2005 - cum laude). American Psychological Association (division 49) dissertation award for research on small groups, Dissertation Award 2006 of the Dutch Association of Social Psychological Researchers (ASPO).
    Current employment: Associate Professor, University of Groningen
  • Ed Sleebos (Leiden University), Consequences of perceived intra-group respect: The effects of differential intra-group respect on behavior and cognition (Completed: July 2005).
    Current employment: Assistant Professor, VU University Amsterdam
  • Wendy van Rijswijk (Free University Amsterdam), Context and perceiver factors in the stereotyping of multiple category groups (Completed: November, 2001).
    Current employment: Research Officer, The Scottish Government
  • Esther van Leeuwen (Leiden University), Preserving identity when groups combine (Completed: June, 2001).
    Current employment: Assistant Professor, Leiden University
  • Jaap Ouwerkerk (Free University Amsterdam), Comparison-based reactions to group performance outcomes (Completed: October, 2000).
    Current employment: Associate Professor, VU University Amsterdam
  • Manuela Barreto (Free University Amsterdam), Identity and strategy in pro-group behaviour, (Completed: May, 2000).
    Current employment: Full Professor, University of Exeter (UK)